About Superlove

When we fall in love, we are all guided by our feelings.

And while this unbridled naiveté can be a beautiful thing and the core of every romcom, it can also be a trap (spoiler alert: stop reading if you haven't experienced puppy love yet).

Because you can't always trust your feelings.

Just look at your friend who keeps falling in love with shallow jerks or pretentious brats and gets the life sucked out of them (I assume you're asking for a friend...).

The main problem is that unfortunately your emotions are not always the root of your best behavior. Most of the time they get in your way by make you do stupid stuff.
(Ever drunk texted your crush in the middle of the night?)

And here's where things get interesting.

Superlove is my attempt to figure out why we do stupid love stuff and what to do about it, because in 5 years of researching and understanding what was/is wrong in relationships, one thing became crystal clear:

It's not them, it's us.